1. Erosion

From the recording Attic Demos I


Babe I’ve been tryna land a role
I wanna be something that’s good to be
I doubt you’d even care to know
Till I get where I’m tryna go
Babe I been walking a thin wire
I’m not the kind who would conspire
My mother said to go get hired
She doesn’t know that I’m a liar

The year was twenty, one and four
And I was living unadhesively
I was closing so many doors
Until my name fell to the floor
So then I went and took a train
And then I went and took a plane
They told me that I was insane
But I’m so numb I feel no pain
You aren’t nothing without friends
Who make you do bad stuff illegally
I wish that I could go again
But I don’t have enough to spend

I can feel erosion
Like cell phones in the rain
Milk that’s been left open
My devotion brings me pain
Due to conviction, friction only brings me pain
While the notion of devotion brings her shame
My love potion is an ocean’s breadth away
If I had it she’da spat it anyway
Oh the solace of a flawless one’s abode
In the jawless bite of aweless winter snow
Condemnation of my station brings inequal interpretations
So oh oh oh oh oh oh
It’s time for me to go

And now I’m in a rubber band
And I am living so cohesively
They got all my songs on demand
I’m still too scared to touch her hand
And now when I sing I get paid
I never needed all those grades
I think I’ll go hire a maid
And move straight to Miami Dade
So next time that somebody says
You better start living adhesively
I’m gonna go right back to bed
And forget all I ever read