From the recording Hypnopompia


I never thought that I would fall so far
In this world that we’re born
Lately without you life has been so hard
You were my shelter from the storm
Sometimes I think about the days it rained
And the sunlight left the skies
Oh I remembered there was so much pain
There was so much in your eyes

Oh yeah the lights are on but there’s no one home
And I never thought I’d find myself alone
And if you follow the one from where our journey begun
You’ll get to that old western sun

I always thought that I would be so free
I thought you’d end up with me
I always thought that I had so much time
To feel your love, divine
Now I’m alone and I feel afraid
Sometimes I really wish that I had stayed
Now I’m afraid and I feel alone
Oh my babe I’m going home

Oh yeah the lights are on but there’s none inside
And I always thought I’d have a place to hide
And yes I still recall those days that we tried to fall
Those days they were not days at all

And lately now I’ve been getting along
I’ve been trying to find my own way
Year after year always the same old song
Gets hard to seize the day
Sometimes I’m overcome with thoughts and dreams
And things I used to know, no
Helps me remember where I need to be
And where I’m trying to go

Oh yeah the lights are on but oh still I say
There has got to be a much better way
And I still follow the path
But now the curse it is cast
The first one will soon be the last